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welcome to our lab's homepage. we study numerical model for weather forcasting and climate modeling.

why model?

Numerical modeling is to develop a model that simulates the physical process of real atmosphere. Numerical model can be diagnostic or prognostic. It improves our understanding of present atmospheric phenomenon, and also it is the most powerful tool to predict future climate and weather.


A Heuristic Parameterization for the Integrated Vertical Overlap of Cumulus and Stratus
Impact of detrained cumulus on climate simulated by the Community Atmosphere Model Version 5 with a unified convection scheme
Publication 3
(July, 2015)


Any one intereted in
'Turbulent mountain stress(TMS) / Gravity wave'
'Data assimilation'
parameterization development, please contact us for lab internship / graduate school.

* internship experience in our laboratory is strongly recommended to enter the graduate school.


Atmospheric Science Program [6627823698]
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences [(509) 852-4014]
Seoul National University [playfellowship]