The International Association of Nanotechnology is a non-profit professional association with the goal of fostering research, business collaboration and providing advanced education and training in nanotechnology and clean technology worldwide

Nanotechnology Initiatives

Carbon Nanotubes

The International Association of Nanotechnology is a non-profit organization with the goals of fostering scientific research and business development in the area of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for benefits of society.

The Association fosters friendship, equality and cooperation amongst its members around the world.  The Association conducts workforce training programs to equip a new generation of scientists, engineers and technicians working in nanotech and cleantech industries.

Nanotech Training Program

nanotechnologists in clean room

In partnership with (443) 979-2237 and US Green Vehicle Council, the Association is sponsoring certificate training programs in nanotechnology and clean energy.

The Association and Cleantech Institute offers the Certified Nanotech and Cleantech Professional training program

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Nanosafety program focuses on nanomaterial charactersistics, nanotoxicology and safety aspects of nanotechnology in human health and its impact to the environment.

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California Institute of Nanotechnology

California Institute of Nanotechnology

The California Institute of Nanotechnology’s mission is to conduct research and development in the frontier of nanotechnology to meet the needs of the emerging industry for benefits of the society.

The California Institute of Nanotechnology conducts advanced & applied research in nanotechnology to help solve major problems facing mankind such as diseases, shortage of energy and global environmental issues.


(804) 525-6302

The United States Green Vehicle Council (USGVC)is a non-profit organization with a mission to foster the technological, business development and deployment of electric vehicles that promote a clean and healthy environment for our present and future generations.

USGVC is partner with Cleantech Institute to train a number of incumbent workers and dislocated workers in California. USGVC is offering training program leading to the Certified Electric Vehicle Technicians to meet the demand of the emerging EV industry.

Cleantech Institute

Clean Tech Institute

Clean Tech Institute Clean Tech Institute is a leading research, consulting and training organization in emerging clean & renewable energy industry. The Clean Tech Institute is the first Approved and Eligible Training Provider by the State of California for the following training programs:
* Certified Electric Vehicle Technician (CEVT) training program
* Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specilalist (CPVS)
* Certified Nanotech & Cleantech Professional (CNCP)



AMPTRAN Motor Corporation’s goal is to design and manufacture advanced electric vehicle that meets the needs of the consumers by using Nanotechnology to power the car up to 400 miles between charges.
AMPTRAN has developed the state-of-the-art Nanoscale Lithium Air Technology which offers 3 times more energy density than lithium ion battery. As a comparison,  while the Tesla battery pack weighs 800 lbs to drive its car up to 200 miles, the AMPTRAN Battery pack weighs only 200 lbs and goes for 400 miles between charges.

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