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From Words to Meaning


Lingo Munger is a cloud-based REST API, which parses words(a text string) and returns its meaning (a json object or xml).

We work with you to identify the user conversations, the words, and meanings, then code them up into custom rules.

Then we provide a fully hosted, secure, lightening fast API service to handle the requests and responses.

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Easy Integration


Typically, your servers receive web, voice, chat and app traffic, containing sentences of natural language text to be analysed.

Your servers send this text to Lingo Munger via secure HTTPS in real-time, which returns a json object or xml for your servers to action (eg. book a taxi).

Your servers then action the booking, and return the taxi booking confirmation response back to the the user, in real-time.

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Keeping you Focussed


By outsourcing the language processing part of your logic, you can focus on your core business: the end-to-end user message flow, and user experience.

Why even outsource such a thin layer of logic ?

Natural Language Processing (N.L.P) is tricker than it seems.

No doubt you've already hit one or more of these problems parsing a 'simple' sentence:


1 Roll Your Own Parser

Learn a new language suited to N.L.P, then solve the challenges above.

2 Use AI / machine learning

Either learn AI/ML in-house, or recruit / acquire experts.

3 Outsource

Immediately outsource the issue and make progress.

Do the first 2 solutions fit into your Agile process in delivering something useful and useable soon ?

Why not try us as a technology partner right now, and then start ramping-up solutions 1 or 2, so you're covered over a longer term?

You focus on the delivering the customer-facing solution, we'll work in parallel handling language processing.

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Let's get working


We want to onboard you quickly, get the integration done, and deliver something quickly.

1 Onboarding

We assign you an already pre-configured, dedicated, secure server and give you the domain, port and request url.

On receiving requests, we return pre-canned / stub json or xml responses, for sample 'ok' and 'error' responses.

This gives you an HTTPS integration point in the cloud, so you can immediately start firing messages at us, and handling the responses.

This will be done within 48 hours.

Optionally, we can include any extra security on top of TLS - including signatures, or public-private keys.

2 Discuss Use Cases

A brief discussion about the message flow, types of questions, phrases etc. you need to parse.

We document this as set of initial 'conversation test cases' that shape the first deliverable.

Here we define, for a given set of phrases, how your lingo munger should respond in each case.

3 Agree first case to implement

From the conversation test cases, we agree on the first case to implement eg. booking a taxi, then do it.

As soon as the lingo munger is doing 'useful work', we'll give you a new, versioned Test Server url to fire real requests at.

4 Iterate according to your sprint / project plan

You may want us to go deeper within the grammar of a single use case, or go wider across different use cases - it's up to you.

We're used to dealing with Agile approaches, so we can turn on a dime to suit where you are for any given sprint.

We're part of your team, so our jointly agreed sprint goals (conversation test cases) define our deliverables to you on a given date.

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Simple, Transparent, Fee Structure


Your fees are based on initial Onboarding, Consultancy hours, Message traffic and Service Provision.

1 Onboarding

You pay an up-front $450 fee per project, to get you up and going, which includes the work done up to, and including Onboarding above.

2 Hours Worked

After Onboarding, the hourly rate for time spent on your project is $50 per hour.

3 Service Provision

Service Provision & Hosting is billed by the number of Test and Production servers you reserve / use.

Server Tiers

Type Service Price Per Month
1 Test (VPS) $100 per month
2 Production (Dedicated - Bare Metal) $500 per month

Test Servers are limited to 5GB bandwidth per month, then a Production server will be needed.

Compared to Test Servers, Production servers have more memory, processors and processor cores.

So they are faster, and can handle more concurrency / transactions per second at higher loads.

4 Message Traffic Fees

Onboarding and integration message traffic is free of charge.

As soon as the lingo munger is doing 'useful work', and responding on your Test Server url, you will have access to a web interface showing all requests and responses, which is the basis of the Message Traffic Fees.

Message traffic is billed by: Message Qty (1 HTTPS request/response pair) x Message Type.

Message Types

Type Protocol Price
- Insecure / 80 Never available - port disabled
1 TLS (default) $0.005c per request/response pair
2 PKI Signed $0.007c per request/response pair
3 PKI Encrypted - 2048 bit $0.010c per request/response pair

PKI-related message bodies use more bandwidth and processing power, so have a higher message fee.

On a per-request basis, you can use a url that determines the message type, on both Test and Production servers.

Prices valid for 2018 / Q1 & Q2 2019.

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